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Every time we sit down to talk about what is new in each-others world the team at Rank First Online always has some new awesome unheard of strategy to get my businesses in-front of more customers. The work that they are doing is unmatched. Many companies moon light around as so called “marketing specialists”, “web developers”, “branding agents” etc. And the generous majority of these “companies” have a very finite amount of time that they are effective until something else, like their real job, gets in the way. Rank First Online has impressed me from day one, they’re attentive, reachable, and take initiative. They have a real “ear to the street” when it comes to everything coming down the pipe with web reach and customer acquisition. Fantastic company that is blowing up. Get in now. Thanks for everything guys, here’s to many more years of crazy ideas and continued success, keep it up.

Johnny Korthuis

Korthuis Tree Care

We are highly satisfied with our Rank First Online experience to date and they have increased our bottom line. When you invest money into Marketing your business, you are looking for a healthy return, which Rank First Online definitely achieved through their marketing strategies. Rank First Online has out done other types of marketing by at least a 5-1 margin so far. We would most definitely recommend Rank First Online to anyone looking to increase leads and sales for their business.


Champion Pest Management

My name is Ray & I own a Painting Company called Ray’s Painting Ltd. For many years I had advertised solely in the local phone book. As the internet Advertising grew I wanted to expand my advertising online in the hopes of generating new customers. The established company I was advertised with promised a huge boost in calls & business. Of course this would also come at an increased cost. I figured at the time if it costs more to advertise then it may be worth it. Well as few years came & went & this didn’t happen. We did not get an increase in calls Or business & the company I was dealing with said that I would need to pay more yet again lf I wanted better placement for the ad. I told them I had already paid for this service & was not paying any more. I was promised this originally with the set up & told this was all included in my price. A friend knew I was not pleased with my current advertising company & suggested I contact RFO. I spoke with David & told him what I was looking for in online advertising & how much money I had wanted to spend. Since then I am up & running on the web with Great placement & Awesome exposure. Since setting up with Rank First my calls & business has increased, As it should have prior with the old company I was dealing with . I would highly recommend David @ Rank First to anyone looking for help with your online advertising. Thanks again,

Ray Rohrback

Ray’s Painting Ltd

Throughout the process of designing both the logo and website for our school, David was very professional, communicated effectively and demonstrated a unique ability to take the big picture mission and vision of the school and bring it to life in the form of the logo and website that they designed for us. Their attention to detail and customer service sets them apart and we would recommend them to anyone for branding, web design and marketing services.

Honourable Jim Abbot PC

Kootenay Christian Academy

The team at Rank First Online are excellent to work with. They are creative and innovative and we found they had excellent advice about how to promote our business

Angela Goertzen

After working with Rank First Online on our Website, and online marketing services, we found that business picked up and many more people called our business from our website, and from our google ads. We received more customers for our business. People found our physical address much easier as well. I would recommend Rank First Online to other business owners. It has been great experience!

Ryan Johnson

Cranbrook Auto Repair