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Discover The Power Of Reputation Video Marketing…
And What It Will Mean For Your Business!

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Your Online Business Reputation…
Is The New “Word of Mouth” Marketing

Just Look At These Facts… About Referrals


Did you know that even after you get a “word of mouth” referral, 87% of those referrals, will still go online to check out your reviews?


  • 52% look for YOUR online reviews and ratings
  • 35% look for YOUR website and contact information
  • 13% look up YOUR social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

As powerful as written reviews are, video is the communication tool that shoppers prefer.


Reputation Videos take your 5 -star review and present it with the power of video in a way that is professional and market-building.

Here’s Why Reputation Videos Are So Powerful For Business:

  • You get a professional spokes model representing your company
  • We shoot in a Hollywood style studio
  • We professionally edit and brand each video to position you as a market leader
  • We promote your reputation by highlighting a 5 star review you’ve received
  • We create prime time graphics and animation
  • We create an on-location view of someone reading your 5 star review
  • We include a “Call to Action” (Call Today, Act Now, Get Your Free Report etc.)
  • We Optimize and Post Your Video on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc.
  • Your Company Name and City are Optimized for Google and Other Search Engines
  • We Guarantee the Best Value For Any Businesses Marketing Dollar!
  • We Deliver Your Reputation Video In 5-7 Days From The Time You Order!
Reviews & Ratings
52% of personal referrals, look for YOUR online reviews and ratings
Website Verification
35% of referrals look for YOUR website and contact information
Social Proof
Social Proof
13% look up YOUR social media, Facebook, Twitter, etc
Video Works
Speaks Loudest
Video is the communication tool shoppers prefer

You’ve Worked Hard To Get A Good Reputation For Your Business, So WHY Spend Money On Advertising That Doesn’t Even Communicate That?

Now You Can Have Your Own Professionally Done
5 Star Reputation Video Review Commercials!

Here’s What People Are Saying About Reputation Videos

Robert B., Coldwell Banker Real Estate

My business thrives on referrals and my reputation. A referral is private and between two people, but these reputation video commercials are literally reaching 1000’s of people with my brand and reputation.This may be the best investment I’ve ever made in my real estate career! I highly recommend them to any business owner who understands how important reviews are online in today’s marketplace.

Judy M., DanceYourselfFitZumba

They did a GREAT job on my 5 Star Review Video. I started receiving calls the same day the video launched. My video was positioned in all the right places for a positive response, from new students as well as my oldie but goodie students. Great job! You deserve 5 Stars!!

Heather O., Tesla Motors

When I found out about these recently, I thought we’d give them a try. WOW. These very professionally done 5 star reviews give our brand a huge advantage over our competition. And the price is amazing! These are worth much more than what we paid. Keeping our brand and reputation in front of our audience is even easier now!

Erik D., Web Based Coding

I’m a “local” business owner and I know what works for me and my clients. I won’t spend money on things that don’t work. This Reputation Video is something that really works! People Look Online And See That I Have A Good Reputation And When That Can All Be Communicated In A Professional Video All Across The Web… Well, That’s A “No-Brainer!”

Want to see the RANKING POWER of these videos?

What would it cost a company to
create a video like these?

Hire A professional spokes model

Stage a hollywood Style Studio

Hire a Professional Videographer

Hire a Make Up / Hair Artist

Hire a video editor

hire a Prime Time Graphics Animator


Sub Production Total

$800.00 + Royalties








Video Optimization

Video Broadcasting

Social Media Syndication


Sub Distribution Total








Just the Talent and Studio Alone Could Cost You
Over $2000 By Itself!

But You Won’t Ever Pay Anything Near That…
At least NOT if you join our beta program!

Introducing our Reputation Video Beta Program

We’ve opened up this Limited Beta Program to a few hand picked local businesses.

During this special event, we are willing to cover 100% of the production cost!


In exchange for covering all of these expenses, we simply need:


  1. Your feedback. This Reputation Video Commercial is part of our BETA Program to help local businesses with their Brand, Social Media, SEO, Reputation, and more importantly, help them get more customers. As part of that, we require participants to understand how to leverage the reputation video and give us feedback in the form of a quick survey on how this Reputation Marketing Strategy has helped you… or not.
  2. Help us with the tiniest bit of the syndication costs, ($197) so that after we’ve produced the Reputation Video Commercial, we can put it online and broadcast it to all the major social and video networks. Sound Good?

Again, Typically a production like this would cost $2,000 to $3,000 and we are covering ALL of the production expenses and all we are asking is just ($197) to help pay for a small part of your syndication costs.


remaining spots available

Click On A Sample Video Below To Watch:



Reputation Video Promo

Check out these Facts about customer responses after watching these videos

Our Iron-Clad 30 Day, No Questions Asked
100% Money Back Guarantee Is Simple…

What’s the Cornerstone of a 5 Star Reputation? You already know the answer…it’s how a company stands behind the products and services they sell…how they handle things if you’re not satisfied…so… Here’s How We Stand Behind Our 5 Star Reputation…

Our Iron-Clad 30 day, No Questions Asked 100% Money Back Guarantee is simple. If you allow us to serve you and your business and see no increase in your media exposure in 30 days…we’ll refund you every dime…PERIOD. Just send us an email and that’s it.

You Have Questions, We Have Answers…

Any question you might have about how Reputation Videos can help you boost sales will be answered below. If you don’t see your question, just contact us and ask whatever you want.


Why Do I Need A Reputation Marketing Video For My Business?

Video gives you the opportunity to interact with your customers by allowing them to get to know you and your business, and feel comfortable with you. This is especially important for small, local businesses. Forrester Research Group says “video is 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of a search engine.”


How Long Will It Take To Get My Reputation Video Delivered?

Your video will scheduled, produced and delivered 5-7 days from time of purchase, however that is just our guaranteed deadline. We usually deliver the videos to you in a fraction of that.


How Can I Best Leverage This Video For My Business?

We’ll completely optimize your videos for search by tak­ing advan­tage of SEO key­words, your business name and geo-location. We’ll distribute and syndicate your videos to video sharing sites as well as through social media platforms. These videos can also be automatically shared to your accounts as well. The more places you share your video, the bet­ter organic search result your video will render.


What Is The Format & Size Of The Video?

The video will be provided in stunning HD quality (720 x 480p) and be delivered in mp4 format. Many hosting services, such as YouTube and Vimeo, now list MP4 as their preferred file format. So your video will be ready to be used immediately upon delivery.


How Much Can I Customize In The Video?

All of the spokesmodel scripts come pre-completed, but you can customize:

  1. Your Business Name + City and State
  2. Website URL
  3. Phone Number
  4. Background Image
  5. Logo Icon


Is There A Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee?

YES! There is absolutely NO RISK to you for purchasing the video today. After the video is purchased and developed, you’ll be provided with an online proof to review. You’ll have 30 full days to decide if you want to keep it. We know that you’ll love our work, but if for any reason you are unhappy with the result, we will immediately refund 100% of your money NO QUESTIONS ASKED.


What rights do I have to the video?

You have full rights to the videos and our terms and conditions allow you to use them anywhere online.


This could be on your website, on video sites such as youtube or daily motion and in your promotional and sales presentations. The only thing we ask you not to do is to take still images or screenshots of any of the spokesmodels to use in your marketing materials, as that isn’t something they agreed to when they recorded the videos for us.


Apart from that, you can use these reputation videos anywhere in the online space! There will also be NO branding on your final video by us. This video is 100% for you!

Instant Authority & Reputation Video Marketing
The Secret Strategy To Boosting Your Sales, Dominating
Your Market and Crushing Your Competition…

Reputation Video Promo

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